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Our Services

Our services cover all important aspects in day-to-day client needs. From consultation to designing the project scope and budget, it has been a part of our way of doing things. Bottom line, we ensure that the solution that we sell is workable and supported throughout the warranty period.

Core Services

Distribution of All Authorized Brands

Project Management & Consultation

Pre Services

Solution Design.

Tender Specification Development.

Budgetary Analysis.

Post Services


Solution/Technology Updates.

What We Offer ?

SR Two Solution Sdn Bhd or in short SR2 is a full fledge Bumiputra distribution company that focuses on distributing the followings technology and solution in all industries.

The technology offerings cover the followings:

We Have Worked With Finest Partner

Who We Are ?

SR TWO Solution Sdn Bhd or in short known as SR2, is a hybrid company that combines the IT/ICT, Security Surveillance and Network Infrastructure Solution into one platform to produce various solutions that will fit our clients at best. Since our inceptions in early 2006, we have tagged and engaged directly and indirectly with all types of clients from private to government sector mainly in our countries.

As design and technology remains the fundamental conduit in developing sophisticated and secure solutions, SR2 has always focused in these two areas throughout our engagement with clients to provide comprehensive and user friendly solutions required .

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